Roads Uncharted – Reviews

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Smash Press (Netherlands)

“De heren van Mountain Eye mogen trots zijn op dit debuutalbum. Ze laten een geweldige hoeveelheid veelzijdigheid zien. Het heeft een frisse mengeling van rustige en brute tracks waarvan geen enkel repetitief klinkt. De enige vraag die nu is overgebleven is: wanneer komen er nog meer tracks? 9/10”

Rockcor (Russia)

“Mountain Eye presented an excellent work even by the standards of established bands, and counting how many heads the “Roads Uncharted” record turned out to be higher than the work of the overwhelming majority of their peers is generally difficult.” (translated from Russian)

Dutch Metal Maniac (Netherlands)

“Roads Uncharted is such a strong album, it is pretty difficult to choose my personal favorite track of this album.”

Zware Metalen (Netherlands)

“Ik moet zeggen dat ik tamelijk onder de indruk ben van Mountain Eye en het album Roads Uncharted. De heren laten horen dat zij weten wat zij doen en een duidelijk beeld hebben van hun handelsmerk. 74/100”

Bunker Magazine (Russia)

“The album immediately sets the bar high for all their future material and live concerts. 9/10” (translated from Russian)

Wings of Death (Netherlands)

“Energie, gedrevenheid en passie spatten van de muziek af. Ik mis vaak emotie bij moderne metalbands, maar die komt hier goed naar voren dankzij krachtige en afwisselende zang.”

IYE Zine (Italy)

“The Dutch band threw us for half an hour in the middle of the nu metal scene that was, and it does so with a collection of absolutely successful songs.” 7.8/10 (translated from Italian)

Lords of Metal (Netherlands)

“Volgens mij bezit deze band alle capaciteiten om uit te groeien tot een grote band binnen dit genre. Petje af voor Mountain Eye.” 77/100

Amnplify (Australia)

“‘Roads Uncharted’ is a solid debut album, giving fans of alternate metal an insight of what is to become of Mountain Eye in the near future if they continue to grow and break the alternative/nu metal stigma that most bands have moulded to.”

Lyrical Spell (International)

“Mountain Eye has a new, fresh music sound, which kind of sounds like a mix between Linkin Park and Slipknot, with a huge spin of their own in it. It is an original, unique idea and they have amazing potential for the future. 8/10”

Metalheads Forever Magazine (International)

“What Mountain Eye manage with ‘Roads Uncharted’ is to adapt that nu-metal metal sound already lain down by bands such as Linkin Park, Disturbed and Sevendust and expand on it by dropping many of the cliched aspects that made the nu-metal scene so bloated by the turn of the millennium.” 72/100

Rockmuzine (Netherlands)

“Mountain Eye zal een aanwinst blijken voor de metal-scene.” 70/100 (Germany)

“Mountain Eye show on “Roads Uncharted” as professional debutants, who still have to find their clear line yet, but independently play it sound rock solid to metal, as you hear it since the turn of the millennium every now and then quickly forget.” 9/15 (translated from German)

Metal Temple (International)

“Vocals definitely make it known this band digs on Linkin Park, but it does cross into a harder feel as “Take Control” revs the engine and their sound goes more to a Korn and Mudvayne arena complete with harder riffs, hammering drums and impressive speed growling vocals.” 8/10 (Excellent)